Whether you are tired from all the activities in the sun and sand, or simply in want of a relaxing nap, our rooms are guaranteed to give you the laid-back yet functional feel of the resort. Each room is designed depending on your group size and need, has complimentary toiletries and bath essentials.

Kubo with Rooms

Php 2,000 / Night

Number of Occupancy: 6 Persons
Number of Suites Available: 5

Php 1,200 / Night

Number of Occupancy: 2 Persons
Number of Suites Available: 1

Five of the six airy kubo rooms (Rooms 1,3,4,5,6) have two upper and lower decked beds, electric fan, dining area and a common restroom, located near the pool area. Kubo room 2 has one single bed instead of double deckers.

Kubo Grande

Php 12,000 / Night

Maximum Occupancy:12 Persons
Number of Suites Available: 1

This dorm-type room measures 49 sq m and boasts of a beachfront view. It can accommodate up to 12 people. It has two adjoining bedrooms, each with upper- and lower-decked beds. Keep your food and drinks cool inside the mini ref and eat at the dining table. Entertainment options include TV with cable, and unlimited WiFi. It has its own bathroom. 

Open Cottages

Php 1,000 - 1,500 / Day

Maximum Occupancy: 15 Persons
Number of Suites Available: 6

Six open cottages fronting the beach, each with a dining table and easy access to the common restroom near the pool.